writing - a hobby, a career or a commitment

Writing, which is a product of someone’s mind in form of letters and symbols in a particular language, marked one of the major breakthroughs in human civilization. However, authors have their works of writing for various reasons and that contributes a lot in determining the relevance and the lifespan of such works.

The simplest of all the reasons for writing is doing it as a hobby. In this case, many authors write in their spare time simply because they enjoy writing. Many in this category don’t bother about publishing their works but that does not deny the fact that great works have come out of such endeavours. Most of the time, when this kind of author publishes his first work, the zeal to do more better works drives him on. Almost every good reader usually has the urge to write, if for no other reason, as a hobby. However, as many only have it as a wish, a good number do try to write something down. This is usually the beginning stage of many great authors.

Another reason why authors write is writing as a career. Here calls for more seriousness and hard work since the author has to make a living from it. Sometimes it could be a secondary means of income and in some cases; it is the primary means of income. Because of the greater input from the author in this category, the work might be more polished than those written only as a hobby. Moreover, the author in this category does his best to develop his writing skills which also manifests in his works. Many people who started writing as a hobby move up to this level of writing.

Yet another reason for writing is doing it as a commitment. In this case, the main purpose of the author is to pass on knowledge. Great works of writing that do survive generations and centuries are usually written on this platform. Here, the author is bound emotionally, intellectually or otherwise to write. Most of such authors don’t write as a hobby and many of them don’t even think of the financial gains but at the end such works become bestsellers over the years. Many religious and historical writings are usually done this way likewise many discoveries in sciences and humanities. However, an author can start a work as a hobby and end up completing it as a career and/or as a commitment. The main point is that writings that are completed as a commitment usually make great works.

In all these things, an important factor in having a great work of writing is the author’s level of knowledge. An author who is a good reader and has great writing skills can write a great work even as a hobby. He can also do so as a career and as a commitment. Works of writing have kept many names written in the sands of time. Writing has also proven to be a great career that is open to everybody and the financial gains which come in form of royalties can continue forever. No body might be born a writer but anybody that has something to offer might as well write it down and become an author.

In conclusion, no matter the reason for writing, great things about written works include the fact that they can change the world and make the authors to be remembered even long after they might have died.

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