Wonders of the White Wilderness: Dreaming Donkey – Book One

Book Cover - Dreaming Donkey: Book One

Towards the end of the one thousand years of the Trade Age, a White Donkey that understands the language of men comes to know that men either live by wisdom or float in ignorance. It sees how wisdom helps the city of Lars to avert the invasion of an uncountable celebration of polar bears. And in those days, a baby boy, Vensiono, is born and Mustan an old artist predicts that he will become a father of wise hooligans.

But when all seem to be at blessed peace, a wizard appears—claiming to be from a far-away city of Hamana. His ambition is unknown to many—but selfish and evil. He uses his spellbinding lies to deceive any one that gives him attention—all in a bid to achieve his wicked ambition. Base fellows prove to be handy and he has to take advantage of their ignorance. Thus begins the contest of who owns the White Region. It is up to the kings to lay down their pride and fight the evil as one.

The book has a print length of 276 pages and is available in hardback, paperback and e-book (Kindle, EPUB, etc) formats. It was published on 26th October, 2016.

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